How Effective is Personalized Business in the United States Culture?

Small businesses contribute the most in US economy, the highest growing economy of the world. The most amazing fact about the United States is that around 75% of the US population is employed in small business. The number becomes even higher at some point of the year. Small businesses are the backbone of US economy. If small businesses were not there, US economy would never have existed. US peoples believes in business and entrepreneurship. Because of low investment capital and limited resources small merchandise are flourishing, and it is especially bolstered by easy access to advertising materials through websites like

The most important among these small merchandise are personalized businesses. Personalized merchandise is one of the most popular of all the businesses flourishing in the United States. More and more people are getting engaged in this type of business to make a living or to increase their regular monthly income.

What are the reasons behind the popularity of personalized merchandise in the United States?

No doubt personalized business like personalized office products, personalized services, personalized kids product and gift ideas are very popular in US. But what made it so popular? What are the reasons behind it? There are several reasons behind its popularity. Let’s discuss some of them.

1) Personalized business gives you the opportunity to be your own boss. You do not need to follow the instructions of others and to kill your instinct. With job and government services you have to do whatever you are told, whether it is right or wrong. In business you can take your own decisions.

2) Another advantage of personalized merchandise is that you can show your creativity and can contribute in the development of society. You can put what is there in your mind in your work. You can do wonders with your imagination and creativity, by putting your thoughts into your business.

3) Personalized kids products like music CD and DVDs, school bags, water bottles, clothes, shoes and watch, personalized business products like stationary items such as pen, pencil, furniture, etc. are very popular in the United States. It gives a personal touch to all the products and makes it exclusive. These exclusive products can melt anyone and business becomes easy. You can attract your clients by gifting personalized gifts to them.

4) Personalized merchandise has one more advantage that makes it popular among the citizens of the United States. US government charge lower taxes to small businesses. This gives the small businesses an opportunity to make a full time income with small businesses. Personalized business comes into the category of small business and thus lower taxes apply to them also.

5) With personalized trading, there is lower risk and lower investment. You do not need to hire more people to increase your business. This type of business replicates on its own. Everybody likes personalized products and gifts and their popularity among US citizens adds in the popularity of personalized business
6) Another advantage of personalized product is that there is no limit to the expansion of the business. Personalized business can cross the borders and can be sold in many different languages and therefore it opens many doors for business expansion.

Personalized business contributes majority in the economy of the United States. It is the most popular business in America. People love personalized gifts and business products that contributed in the popularity of personalized trading.

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